About the founder

VLSI Concepts was founded in 1995 by Dr. Edward L. Hepler

Dr. Hepler began his career as a Member of Technical Staff in the Processor Design laboratory of Bell Laboratories where he helped design high reliability processors used in electronic switching systems. From there he moved to the Space Systems Division of General Electric and then to Commodore Business Machines where he developed chips for next generation Amiga machines. ...


VLSI Concepts offers consulting services in a broad range of areas. We have significant experience that can advance your project goals. We can assist your team, or implement to your specifications.

Some areas where we have significant experience:

  1. Specifying, paritioning, modeling, and simulating systems in silicon
  2. Extensive experience in multimedia, cellular modem, and computer architecture design
  3. Development of synthesizable "core-ware" modules
  4. Development of memory controllers, state machines, video pipelines

  1. Hardware - Software tradeoffs
  2. "Bare - metal" programming
  3. Embedded OS programming

  1. Synthesizable VHDL model generation
  2. Testbench generation
  3. Module and System level simulation
  4. Virtual prototype generation
  5. Generation of synthesis scripts

  1. Software Architecture
  2. Multi-thread programming
  3. Real-time programming
  4. Linux programming
  5. Android "App" programming

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Past Clients

  1. InterDigital Communications
  2. WorldGate Communications
  3. GMT MicroElectronics
  4. Sarnoff Corporation (now SRI)
  5. Mentor Graphics